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April 29, 2007



That was an AWESOME video.



That's pretty cool.




Try it without sound. Looks like a MTV.

a smart idea.


Matt this was kool video. What other services CV offers. Re-design, usability etc or is it a shop managing own sites only with advertising offering? PM

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Our cultures should stand for some timeless things - excellent customer service or empowering employees - but should be willing and able to change the parts of the culture that are not core to the differentiators of the business.

Culture can be both an inhibitor to growth and an enabler to growth. Only when culture changes and grows as the business evolves does it really reinforce your business.

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they are not working, they are in a party,hahahaha!!! what cool, I think that it is one of the things that every job should give to the workers!22dd

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i was here, but when? only god knows

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That place is amazing! I'd love to spend a few days there, just checking the scenery. That must have been fun. :)

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i think that you need to add more images to explain better the topic, but in general is good.

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