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February 22, 2007



It's not Chris Hughes. It's Dustin Mokovitz.


Whoops - thanks, Jane.

It's not Dustin Mokovitz, it's Dustin Moskovitz.


Facebook Beats MySpace and YouTube Among Young Adults



The Facebook article was rather interesting. However, I'm very interested to know more about the people included in the consensus indicating that 70-80% of the 150 million users on Myspace were spam or inactive. Where did they get this information? Could they direct me to recent polls or studies done that indicate such a high percentage of non-legitmate users? These people are essentially saying that only 30 million out of the 150 million users are real? Myspace is a huge social networking site for musicians and artists to market themselves. I would hate to think that those of us who utilize this site to manage our careers are only reaching 30 million active users. Geez. What's the point of Myspace? Only 30 million....

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When you asked 18 year old , what she/he like to visit the websites most often .

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Facebook's technology is very good to none.

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I would hatred to think that those of us who apply this tract to control our careers are only movement 30 million live users. Geez. What's the spot of Myspace? Only 30 million....
It is tremendously utile to millions of people and is thriving at a dizzying quantify. Ask an 18 twelvemonth old what web sites he or she regularly uses and the state testament almost invariably start with Facebook. (Google comes close. Youtube, MSN/AIM and Wikipedia oftentimes

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