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November 06, 2006



Hmmmmm.... In & Out makes me hungry


I agree with the N-N-Out Burger analogy, and this echoes the Danah Boyd research you linked to on 10/20. Bad UI makes it so only the "cool kids" can have custom pages.

I've taken major detours while in CA just to get to order a "three by three" from NNO. Mmmmm...


Feldmania has eaten one too many gangiaburgers. User-friendliness trumps wow-it's-rewarding-to-have-decoded-german-sub-messages- in-order-to-sign-up-for-this-website-itus.

How many more three-by-three's would he have consumed had the place been more accessible (i.e. fewer detours) and the product therefore more easily accessible?

Frankly, I'd still go to Pike place on business trips to seattle for a Latte, if that city still boasted Starbucks' only location. However, and it's a good thing Schultz knows this, the more accessible you make the object of my affection, the more it shall be accessed. (I know the original NNO reference was based on secret products and not location scarcity, but the same message applies).

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